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Posted: Mon Oct 30, 2017 2:12 pm
by trippina
For Sale,beutiful detailed fully battleready reproduction of 17TH CENT.POLISH HUSSAR SZABLA-SABER
Madein Warsaw by the oldest and best Master in activity there; Mr.MAREK SOBUKI.
Famous formaking weapons for the movie"With fire and sword"by J.Hoffman of 1999.
This sword has beautiful original wooden scabbardwith GOLDEN PLATED FITTING,as the Sword HANDLE,as well with GOLDEN PLATED FITTING.Sword HANDLE and SCABBARD FITTINGS are FULLY ENREAVED with typical floreal motives,sword knuckle made jn baroque shape of SCALLOP,as for this Baroque historical period.All is Real GOLD PLATED.
This js a really wonderful piece,from my last collection,that is all about Polish-Caucasian Weapons and Armours.
I have all picgures to send sword is not very sharp,as most of these sabres,tbat,never needed to be very sharp,as,first,they cut very much already,plus,tney could cut their scabbard and damage their horses,during their fighting/wars.This is what they say.
This Polish Hussar Sabre ispratically new,never use for fighting,price is 700 euro shipping not included.
Price is pretty low as i am selling all my Eastern Weapons and Armours collection...Unfortunatly for me....but,good option for my forumites.
Pls ask anything and pictures at.
Andrea Scattolin- Verona -Italy