Khevsurian Caucasian Original Pallache Swords

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Khevsurian Caucasian Original Pallache Swords

Postby trippina » Mon Oct 30, 2017 1:45 pm

I have for sale a Great Collection of nr.9 Original 19-20th century KHEVSURIAN CAUCASIAN PALLCHE Swords and nr.1 KHEVSURIAN KJNDHAL Dagger.
All Battleaready,mostly sharp,Bulat metal blades,all with their Classic Ortodox rosses woodden detaiked scabbards.
Mostly have Silver fifting on HANDLE and/or on their SCABBARDS.
IF INTERESTED I WILL BE GLAD TO senddetailed pictures of each one,prices,ecc.
Price range is between 300 and 700 eurosshipping not included.
Swords are in Italy,so,you eveoid to pay extraduty as i did when i bought them from Georgia.You save 20-25% just not paying import dutyes.
It is a very interesting deal for beautiful pieces,that i am selling only cause i need to.
Of course price will e lower if you might buy more the 1 piece.

Please mail to:
Andrea Scattolin- Verona-Italy

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