For Sale: ATrim 1506 and Crusader Monk scabbard

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For Sale: ATrim 1506 and Crusader Monk scabbard

Postby Mark T » Wed Jun 07, 2017 2:52 am

Up for sale is an ATrim 1506 with custom Crusader Monk scabbard.

The blade is about 38 mm / 1.5 inches wide at the forte, and 920 mm / 36.2 inches long. Grip is 23 cm / about 9 inches, and total weight is about 1.26 kg / 2.78 lb.

The balance and handling are great – it's lightweight and responsive. The ricasso also means it would make a good custom blade for a complex hilt.
The previous owner tried to customise the cross by re-forging it and adding some runes, which he also added to the pommel ... both still fit and function fine, but are not my aesthetics. The grip leather is also worn. While the sword is complete, and handles just fine as it is, my plan was to replace the pommel, cross, and grip leather to customise it. The blade is one of the best-handling I've seen in a longsword, and so it would make a great customising platform.

The sword comes with a custom scabbard and suspension buckles by Crusader Monk. I wasn't impressed with the chape he'd made, and so sourced another one that is better made and will fit – I've just not glued it on yet, but will ship it with the sword.

I also jettisoned the belt that came with the scabbard, as it was both thick and rough on the back – if you wanted to wear the scabbard, rather than just use it as storage / protection, it would be easy enough to buy or make a belt that would be far better.

The attached photo is by Crusader Monk. The only differences to now are that I don't have the belt, and the chape is upgraded.

This piece is located in New Zealand, and will ship via NZ Post at cost with full insurance.

Price is US$750; payment via PayPal.

Please don’t hesitate to PM me if you need any more information.


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