Sold: Neil Burridge Ewart Park (UK)

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Sold: Neil Burridge Ewart Park (UK)

Postby Ant Mercer » Mon Mar 06, 2017 2:42 pm


Overall length: 70cm
Blade length (from the base of the ‘V’): 55cm
Blade thickness at base: 7mm
Blade thickness at ½ way down blade: 5mm
Blade thickness at 1” from tip: 2mm
Centre of gravity: approx. 15cm from base


I received this sword in a trade from a fellow forumite. This is my first Neil Burridge sword and, although I’m moving it on, I fully intend to get more examples from him in the future!

This sword was originally bought as a blade blank from Neil. The original owner then put hours of work into it to bring it up to the level of finish it is in now: the edge is just over butter-knife sharp, however I would not call this sword ‘blunt’. Upon receipt this sword was gone over with a flap-disc grinder to re-shape and lighten it; it was then polished and the grip was defined, then it was taken back to Neil who helped to carve the grip and rivet the grip to the blade. Finally hot bees wax was used to fill in any gaps on the grip, and both the grip and blade were polished with increasing grits, bringing the blade to 800 grit and then polished with cream. The blade is now very shiny!


It was quite hard to take good pics of the sword, as it is so very shiny. However, I think I managed to capture images of the small amount of pitting still on the blade from casting; as well as the stepped edge which starts about an inch from the grip, forming an unsharpened ricasso:



I’m asking for £220 for the sword, including postage and paypal charges. Would prefer to sell within the UK, maybe Europe at a push, but further overseas could cause headaches.



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