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LA greaves Sold

Posted: Sun Jan 29, 2017 10:09 am
by Earl Mortimer
eBay number. 282343565756

Never been used Lancaster Armouries Enclosed greaves.

Thickness 16g and with all Lancaster armouries armour, full contact and battle ready.

Size. 14" Front plate - top of the plate to the lower part. At the bridge of the foot.

12 & half ". Back plate - from the heel to the top of the plate.

19&half ". Dia around the top of the greaves.
14&half " Dia around the bottom of the greaves.

Re: LA greaves for sale.

Posted: Tue Jan 31, 2017 8:15 pm
by Earl Mortimer
Price dropped to £40

Re: LA greaves for sale on ebay

Posted: Sun Feb 12, 2017 10:18 pm
by mooguk
are these still for sale? If so any pics? (going to get the t'other 1/2 to measure me legs in a bit!)

Regards, Mark