FOR SALE - BOOKS - WOMEN IN HISTORY - gone - donated to local Hospice

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FOR SALE - BOOKS - WOMEN IN HISTORY - gone - donated to local Hospice

Postby bonnacon » Sun Jan 15, 2017 2:04 pm

Selling all the following in one job lot - I need the space!
1) Warrior Women
Hardback, as new condition, it gives 78 examples of individuals and groups from 3000 years of courage and heroism.
2) Medieval Women
Henrietta Leyser. A social history of women in England 450 - 1500
3) The Weaker Vessel
Antonia Fraser. Women's lot in seventeenth century England.
4) Eleanor of Acquitaine
Marion Meade.
5) Elizabeth 1
Anne Somerset

Volumes 2 - 5 above are all paperbacks and all in very good condition.

6) Selected Writings of Christine de Pizan
C1364 - c1431, she is regarded as Europe's first professional womens' writer. Paperback in very good condition.
7)Medieval Mothers
Diverse essays on pregnant queens; Icelandic witches; abbesses; royal and aristocratic mothers; literary maternity; surrogate motherhood and even "maternal" fathers.
There is something here for anyone with an interest in medieval women or gender studies.
The Book of Margery Kempe
A woman's life in the Middle Ages. Folio edition in slip case and as new condition.
9) Women at Work in Medieval Europe
Madeleine Cosman. Softback, very good condition. Organized by profession the author employs original documents and art to explore the may trades women performed, together with the rewards and the dangers.

The following four volumes are from a series on the lives of the Queens of England; they were published in 1861 and written by Agnes Strickland - her details are on Google! The green covers are faded, worn, and the spines on two have become detached although all the pages appear tight. They are fascinating to read showing as they do a somewhat less objective style than modern historians like, but a valuable insight into the mores of her own time.

The volumes and contents are as follows:
1) Matilda of Flanders; Matilda of Scotland; Adelicia of Louvaine; Matilda of Boulogne; Eleanora of Acquitaine; Berengaria of Navarre; Isabella of Angouleme; Eleanor of Provence; Eleanora of Castile; Marguerite of France; Philippe of Hainault; Anne of Bohemia.
2) Isabella of Valois; Joanna of Navarre; Katherine of Valois; Margaret of Anjou; Elizabeth Woodville; Anne of Warwick; Elizabeth of York; Katherine of Aragon; Anne Boleyn.
3) Jane Seymour; Anne of Cleves: Katherine Howard; Katherine Parr; Mary, first Queen-regnant.
5) Anne of Denmark; Henrietta Maria; Catherine of Braganza.

13 volumes in all - £30 FOR THE LOT Handover to be arranged.

Vivimus vivamus!

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