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The 2020 season the the pandemic

Posted: Fri Mar 20, 2020 11:59 am
by Times Past
So that’s it for the 2020 season that came to an end before it really got started.

To those thinking that bookings might restart in the autumn consider that even if they did would you feel it safe to turn up? COVID might still be an active virus that unless you are immune by reason of having already caught it you are just at risk of infection then as you are now. And because of the health implications for their staff and customers of the infection spreading at their event they might not think it worthwhile.

There are only three ways out of the pandemic

a) Herd immunity this reduces COVIDs potential contacts to near zero
b) A vaccine is invented
c) COVID mutates into a benign virus, that happened to the SARS virus

All of these take a long time to work and we are looking at the spring of next year before bookings might resume.

Claire Eastwood
Times Past