Reenactment groups in carmarthen/ceredigion

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Reenactment groups in carmarthen/ceredigion

Postby darc33 » Fri Feb 07, 2020 3:27 pm

Hi folks

I used to be part of a templar reenactment group and have taken a big hiatus focusing on other sports which due to a back problem I can no longer do.

As such I've been thinking about getting back into reenacting but apart from the society at the university, Normanis, there's nothing about this way anymore I can find.

Does anyone know of anything around? I'd be up for anything viking to 16th to get back into it.

Failing that I've seen a few posts of people asking as well would anyone be up for starting a Welsh rebels group circa1200 - 1300, it's an easy one to do since the kit is basic and the variety of weapons to use plentiful and cheap to start. I'd happily repurchase any gear needed and I have a very large outside fenced garden for some weather dependant practice for up to about 6 (and I know a few chapels and halls to rent cheap if it grows)


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