Sae-Ulfr Vikingr - Bristol, Weston-Super-Mare, Eastbourne & Newport

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Sae-Ulfr Vikingr - Bristol, Weston-Super-Mare, Eastbourne & Newport

Postby CH1LLYD0GG » Tue May 22, 2018 9:35 am

For those of you who follow this thread you'll notice that Sae-Ulfr Vikingr had added a few more locations ..... we have been rapidly expanding.

Our chapters in Bristol & Weston-Super-Mare are well established. Eastbourne has a great leader and had its first independent training session recently with good numbers attending. In the space of the last week we've been contacted by 4 fighters based around Newport & Cardiff who we are helping to get started in what we do - great stuff I'm sure you'll agree.

Just to remind you what we do - We use eastern and Huscarl combat rules, which are more commonly used in Wolin, Glewe, Battle of a Thousand swords etc. So training is taken very seriously to maximize safety and increase fun. We've recently created a new kit guide which has a great balance between authenticity and protection. As we move forward we aim to be the most authentic group within our field.

We are also looking for support members. People who can act as marshalls, water bearer's, tradesmen and those who enjoy demonstrating various aspects of 11th century living to the general public. We focus on the period around the battle of Hastings, keeping it mainly viking/saxon like.

If interested please post here, PM or contact us through our facebook page.

Please like and share to follow our adventures in 2018 :rock: ... 291220025/

The White Seax has a space for you!!!

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