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Chanz Des Reis - 12th / early 13th century

Posted: Sun Mar 13, 2016 10:12 pm
by Brendan C
‘Chanz des Reis’ (Norman French meaning ‘Song of the Kings’) is an historical reenactment society recreating civilian, military and ecclesiastical life during the Anglo-Norman and Angevin period (12th to early 13th centuries). Our principal period of interest is 1135 to 1216, covering the reigns of King Stephen to King John, though we do cover periods, both slightly earlier and later of those dates if required.

Although a new group, some of us have reenancting this period for over 20 years, so we do have a level of experience! We have a very busy calendar ahead for 2016, and are looking forward to working alongside friends in other groups at some of the large shows we are attending this year. We are also looking for events for 2017!

We are very much a family orientated medieval reenactment group, with a particular focus on living history but also with some combat and archery. We are looking for new members, whether experienced reenactors or completely new to the hobby - if interested, contact us on either our facebook page or website:

Facebook Page: