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Postby Bad Viking » Mon May 20, 2013 6:55 pm

If anyone is interested in a living history group - meeting up at events - and or training / social events in the east Midlands.
I'm aiming for people interested in the different Crusader Orders of the second crusade - but not creating one group depicting one order - but a group depicting various orders - of whichever is the individuals area of interest. In the first instance the group would mainly be living history and demonstration combat - but if it catches on - we can see if there would be enough people willing to attend an event to field a contingent.
I have a stack of living history equipment appropriate for that period.
The group name would be 'Jerusalem' - if it hasn't been adopted already by another group.
I have started a facebook page if anyone wants to have a gander at it. ... rk_t=group

I might be in the gutter....but I'm still looking up at the takeaway !.

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