Groups in Middlesex/Greater London

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Groups in Middlesex/Greater London

Post by Skippythearcher »

Looking for 15th century groups in London and the south east or alternatively starting one up for the area. Any advice etc would be very much appreciated.Cheers guys

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Re: Groups in Middlesex/Greater London

Post by williamsjk »

The Middlemore Guild ( are based in London - I do a few shows with them each year as 15th is my secondary period at the moment so other shows take priority.

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Re: Groups in Middlesex/Greater London

Post by acecat999 »

15th century gunners in both east london - us (also south london if you include some members)

or west london - wythe

but we have more stringent recruitment rules than picking up stranger off t'interweb. would expect to meet you first and check kit, madness levels, legalities

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