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Hospitallers of England.

Posted: Thu Aug 11, 2011 10:09 pm
by Bad Viking
An attempt to connect up individuals and small groups into a national group where we can meet up at events and share and swap tips, tricks, and authenticity.
So far the Hospitallers of Northamptonshire - the originator of the Hospitallers of England has been doing all the under-pinning work in putting together the Living History presentation and purchasing some beautiful artefacts. As HoN have been going to events we have found that there is a lot of interest around from individuals and small groups here and there, so decided to forge ahead with establishing a national group so when events are on the individuals can mosey up and join in the event and be part of the presentation even if its only for one presentation or perhaps a re-enactor from a different period- we can lend the appropriate kit for an afternoon ! :D


Brother Bernard de Clare ! aka Bad Viking ! :P