group to join pleas

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group to join pleas

Post by alison-and-tink »

steve aka tink and me alison are looking to join a group of medievil reenactors in uk we live in blackpool lancs, steve is non com and me archer. please adopt us. thankyou.

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Brendan C
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Re: group to join pleas

Post by Brendan C »

Is there a specific period / era you have in mind?

Brendan C
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Re: group to join pleas

Post by Type16 »

Hi Alison,
Our group is not too far from you (mostly north Wales)
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Lady Willows Retinue
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Re: group to join pleas

Post by Lady Willows Retinue »

As the shows are all over the country & we all generally travel around anyway, it doens't really matter a jot which group you join. We are with the Thomas Stanleys (WOTR), who are mostly based around S Yorkshire area, but many live elsewhere.
We live just across the bay from you in Southport, so if you jump up & down a bit we might even be able to see you. :crazy:

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