Milwr Morganwg - Mid to late medieval archers.

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Milwr Morganwg - Mid to late medieval archers.

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New Members Wanted.

Milwr Morganwg (otherwise known as "that weird Welsh lot) are recruiting.

Are you looking for a group based around South Wales or Gloucestershire, but who do some traveling?
Are you interested in archery and mid-late medieval living history?
Are you willing to pretend you're from Wales? (No accent required)
Are you ready to do your share of the work to join in the fun?
Are you willing to acquire a reputation on the basis of doing something daft just the once?
Do you fancy the occasional foray into pirating?
Are you now, or have you ever been, slightly obsessed with fish?

If you can answer yes to all of the above (except the fish thing, which is optional) then drop us an email at to arrange a chat.

We are friendly, hard-working yet lazy, pedantic yet relaxed. We have a well provisioned living history camp, and attend events at Cosmeston Medieval village, Tewkesbury, Berkeley and other WotR and 100 years war events.

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