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Marcher Freemen.

Posted: Sun Mar 07, 2010 4:43 pm
by Type16
We cover the 13 - 15 cent. as a group of Freemen artisans and soldiers / Mercanaries / Levy.

Our foundation is as a group of artisans and fighting men, thrown together during time of conflict - for mutual support and security. We have no established retainer, but will work and fight for anybody who will provide work and give us good food.

Our ranks include:
Dyer / spinner / weaver,
Cobbler / leather worker,
Authentic Icon painting,
Battlefield medicine,
Herbalism and fortune telling,
Archers, swordsmen, bill / spearmen,

Many of our members are based in n.e. Wales / Merseyside / Lancashire / Shorpshire /Midlands. Even Milton Keynes!

We are members of the Wars of the Roses Federation.

Marcher Freemen are founded on the ethos of being a friendly group, who have respect for each other's skills, knowledge and experience. We offer as accurate portrayals as possible - be that content of display, or the authenticity of our clothing / materials / equipment.

New members are always welcomed - especially if they have an existing skill or experience that can compliment those existing in our group. Full membership is voted upon after a mentoring and probationary period.

Please have a look at our web site That better describes who we are, our clothing and equipment requirements etc. Or, even better come and have a talk with us at an event. Just look for the banner.

You can contact us at marcherfreemen(at)