Knights In Battle (KIBS)

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Knights In Battle (KIBS)

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Knights In Battle is a medieval re-enactment group which mostly focuses on combat re-enactment, archery, and medieval cookery.

KIBS are based in Sheffield, and the group was founded in 1973. We perform displays covering many aspects of medieval life, from battle re-enactments to living histories, comic playlets to murder mysteries. We also perform at special events, which include weddings, banquets, and talks to schools and special-interest groups.

Our own shows are usually based on one of two scenarios. Most common is the C15th ‘Recruiting Party’, in which a small group of the Duke of Norfolk’s household troops (the Howards) are recruiting for the Yorkist army as they travel around, which gives us the excuse to demonstrate the household members’ skills as incentives to sign up – “See how good we are in a fight! Look at the great food and medical treatment you’ll get!”

The second is a very Hollywood-style C13th Foot Tournament, set in 1208 (the era of King John). Plenty of playing up to the audience and glorying in the senseless violence of combat! A very different feel as well as a different century – “Historical Entertainment” as opposed to “Living History”.

We also participate in several battle re-enactments each year with other groups from the Wars of the Roses Federation (we are the Howard Household) and the Early Medieval Alliance.

Any member under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Women or girls can learn to fight, but if you want to be a combatant in shows or battles we require you to dress as a man, for a more convincing historical performance. You do not need to learn to fight: many of us of either sex prefer to be non-combatants. The most prominent of these are the cooks, but you can be whatever you choose, as long as it fits the event and your kit. We practice every Wednesday evening year-round, except Christmas, New Year and the week before Easter. Our practice hall is accessible to people with disabilities, but as with most re-enactment groups, events usually take place on open fields or historic sites with variable access or facilities.
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