Les Miles Des Marches 1066 to 1403

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Les Miles Des Marches 1066 to 1403

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The group is based on the Shropshire Marches and was formed in 1991. Essentially we are a Norman group but recently under the name Battlefield Bowmen, we now represent an archer levy at the time of the Battle of Shrewsbury 1403.


We are an Early Medieval group charting the historical progress from The Battle of Hastings, 1066, through the Civil War between Steven and Matilda, up to the rivalries of Richard and John. Under the name of Battlefield Bowmen, a newly created archer and levy unit, we are now able to demonstrate life and times during the late 1300's and early 1400's, the time of the Battle of Shrewsbury 1403.Thanks to a grant from the National Lottery we are able to provide 'Have a Go Archery' for the public on Sunday afternoons at Battlefield 1403.

MDM is a thriving local Shropshire group, comprising of a structured military unit, an active living history encampment of a dozen structures where authentic medieval crafts are portrayed, we have an active archer unit, we have 3 owner riders so we are able to bring horses to events and finally, we have an enthusiastic banquet committee.

Please check out our website and look at the pictures. Hope you enjoy...
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