Water Carrying Bags?

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Water Carrying Bags?

Post by The Admiral »

Not strictly speaking costume I suppose - but it seemed to fit better here than elsewhere. I am looking to make some bags to carry my water bottles in for this year (I've borrowed up to now - but this year I've decided to have a go at making my own). I was thinking of using a fairly heavy calico - so what I was wondering was is this an appropriate fabric for my era (WOTR) and if not can anyone else suggest a more suitable fabric I could use?
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Post by Nigel »

2 options uber correct a heavyish linen

or o what we do theya rent goign near the crowd and we use 2 litre lemonade bottles

Debs sewed up c 200 sleeves to fit these (at Hastings we will suie this many) in heavy calico and then outer bags to pop them in

As they arent going near the public and need to be accesible quick it was a neccessary compromise
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Post by kate/bob »

one of our members used the offcuts from her linen kirtle

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Post by Sarah Elessar »

I used linen left over from my dress.. i just made a drawstring bag, with 2 drawstrings, one to pull tight around the top of the bottle, which stops the bottle falling out the bag, and then another at the top to close the bag, and tie it onto my belt.
Others i've seen have also been made of linen or canvas, or i've seen tall wicker baskets, with a piece of fabric in the top to cover the top of the bottle.

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Post by Handbag »

i made a linen one for berkeley last year- it was so big it fit 2 4ltr bottles in it. stupid really as was far to heavy to put on one shoulder and i ended up last on the field with all my company gasping for water.

im too afraid to take out the pottery after a terrible incident in italy in 2006 envolving about 5 german knights crashing on top of me. stupid me instead of rolling out the way went to protect the water jug and got it smashed all over my hands.

anyone for blood in your drink???? :oops:

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Post by frances »

I suggest that you waterproof the linen - the non-authentic way is to pop the fabric in the washing machine with waterproofing stuff from the camping shop. Then if it spills the bag will not be soaked through and horrible to carry. I expect that they made containers with handles out of hazel or similar flexible twigs, and threw them away and remade as necessary.

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Post by Mad Mab »

Mind you, one of the advantages of just using plain linen is that you can keep soaking it when you're on the field and it'll keep your bottled water beautifully cool. You just have to make sure you dry it properly afterwards before packing it in anything. (I don't handle the heat well , though, (boy, did I pick an appropriate hobby :roll: ) so I don't mind my kirtle getting soaked .
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Post by Tuppence »

the bags I made are just simple socks - they were meant to ahve drawstrings at the top, but didn't need them, cos they're a wee bit longer than the bottles, so you can just fold the end around the top of the bottle.

the outer bags have shoulder straps, and can fit about four or five bottles, and some lucozade and stuff. they do have drawstrings so you can draw it shut, but when in use it's easier to use it with the opening at the front so you can get at it.

bearing in mind that we can be watering twenty or thirty blokes at once.
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cotton proofing

Post by the_weaker_vessel »

Bit of a side track from the topic but I hope you'll let me ...

Do you recommend putting waterproofing in a washing machine? Or am I better to paint it on like I'd do with a tent.

A bit worried about my machine.


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Post by ValTarrant »

You can buy waterproofing for jackets that is designed to go in the washing machine. No problems with the washing machine.



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Post by the_weaker_vessel »

Thanks, don't want to end up with waterproof nappies :shock:

Back to water bottles, I'm making some new ones from linen, but might waterproof them as the last set got very mucky and got everything they touched muddy (car, hall carpet, good clothes) it would be good to be able to wash them down easily.

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Post by narvek »

I have a bottle made of boiled leather with beewax in the seams (1320-1370). Really sturdy and beautyfull.

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