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Posted: Fri Sep 22, 2006 6:06 pm
by johnny crow
anyone know a supplier of the plain pewter buttons in the UK suitable for a colonial/Rev war coat?



Posted: Fri Sep 22, 2006 8:54 pm
by frances
Aha, you need a copy of 'The Garter, the directory that supports costuming'. umpteen suppliers and makers of buttons of all sorts, including pewter, plus every other item that you need to present the correct image to the world. It costs £10 plus postage.

Posted: Sat Sep 23, 2006 11:02 am
by Tuppence
Christophus does some whic are really nice. He usually does the re-enactor's market.

And Russ Scott (of the Vikings - sells viking jewellery at the re-enactor's market), has the button moulds that Blue mason made at my request some years ago. Not sure if he keeps them in stock, or makes them to order, but they are v. nice.


PS - by re-enactor's market I mean the ORM at Ryton.

Posted: Sat Sep 23, 2006 11:03 am
by Tuppence
PPS - sutlers stores do them (I think) too, but they're generally not as nice as the other two.