18th century - wow

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Wina McPod
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18th century - wow

Post by Wina McPod »

We were sent this at Lace Wars - definately worth a look. Not sure how to link but here is the site address.


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Post Knight
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Post by lidimy »

they are amazing!! the models are brilliant... they really bring their clothes alive, they pose just like you would find models posing in a catalogue!! how amazing!! :D
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Post by Vicky »

:shock: Wow indeed!

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Evil Black Alice
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Post by Evil Black Alice »

I SO want to make some new clothes.
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steve stanley
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Post by steve stanley »

Nearly worth going Posh for......
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Post by sally »

oh yes, you could really blow some serious pocket money there. mmm, fabric envy.....

The YE Olde Costume Maker
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Post by The YE Olde Costume Maker »

ALl the above ^^^^ look fab

Mad Mab
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Post by Mad Mab »

Oooh, pretty!
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Post Knight
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Post by Tuppence »

another of the sites I go to occasionally just to drool a bit!! :D
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