Roman linen or wool tunica

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Roman linen or wool tunica

Postby Standisher » Sun Jun 17, 2018 10:27 am

I've read previous threads and there seems to be an absence of wool and linen tunics. I can see cotton here and there on line but cotton is not quite what i wanted and sometimes even big suppliers seem to be out of stock. Are there any suggestions for a supplier of wool or linen tunics in the UK?

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Re: Roman linen or wool tunica

Postby SpottyCat » Mon Jun 18, 2018 1:04 pm

In my experience, finding a tunica to buy is very difficult and often overly expensive. Much cheaper to buy wool or linen and make it yourself. The design is extremely simple and a good resource is here:

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Re: Roman linen or wool tunica

Postby 40/- freeholder » Tue Jun 19, 2018 9:50 am

I've got at least one I could sell. Please PM for details.

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