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Repro of a genuine 15th c. damask: an ambitious project

Posted: Sun Dec 11, 2016 5:38 pm
by Bartolo
Searching for a 100% silk repro of a late 15th c. silk damask, perfectly tracing the genuine counterpart?
If you answer is "yes", you may be VERY interested in this project... 

Our Cultural Association (IMAGO ANTIQUA - presents the ambitious enterprise of FONDAZIONE LISIO - ARTE DELLA SETA (LISIO FOUNDATION), headquartered in Florence, aiming at reproducing with ancient looms the damask of a doublet which was tailored more than 530 years ago, discovered on the mortal remains of a well-known Italian “condottiere” named Diego Cavaniglia (1453-1481).

You're kindly invited to read all details on our website (link to blogpost in English language): ... s-project/