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Coat of Arms/Heraldic Sites

Post by nickthegreek »

could someone please point me towards the most realiable site/company as I would like to discover my CoA for Armiger. I have been to several sites and each shows a different CoArms/or Heraldry for my surname.

Thank you,
Nick Armiger

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Post by Foxe »

A coat of arms is specific to one family, thus, since there can be several families with the same name, so there can be several coats of arms for the same name. Sir Bob Smith of Bristol might have a red cross on gold, while Sir Eric Smith of Plymouth has a green lion on silver, thus both arms are correct for the "Smiths". Unless your actual family has been granted a coat of arms then none of them or all of them would be right, depending on which way you look at it.

Assuming that you're not actually entitled to a coat of arms, and would be wearing it just for fun, my advice would be to pick the one associated with your name that looks prettiest.

Actually claiming it to be your own coat of arms though would be illegal - I think you get sent to the Tower for it...
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Post by craig1459 »

I'd suggest doing a bit of family history first. Find out where your family lineage came from and then you may be able to see if any of the arms that you have found correspond to your line.

PM me if you want a few tips on this kind of research

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Post by jim-m »

Hi Craig, would it be possible to get a similar coat of arms fairly cheaply if you can prove lineage? I think this may be the case in Scotland (where I live). If you can give me any tips on researching this I'd be grateful, though having the surname Millar suggests I am unlikely to find any!

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