Repairing Leather

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Repairing Leather

Postby John Waller » Tue Jul 19, 2011 3:27 pm

One of my guys has a bayonet cross belt that has been ruined by a botched placement of the brass breastplate. I plan to unstitch the belt from the frog and reverse it so the holes are at the back and he can have another go at getting the breastplate in the right place. Has anyone any experience of using leather filler to fix holes in a belt? Or can anyone offer suggestions on how to make the cuts and holes less visible apart from making him wear his knapsack at all times? The belt is not long enough to cut out the offending section, which I did recently to a very nice buff strap acquired from a former member that had been attacked by mice! A warning to all with expensive leatherwork - mind where you store it.

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