Waterproofing a Tricorn hat?

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Waterproofing a Tricorn hat?

Post by IanS »

Looking at getting an authentic Tricorn hat for Pirating but being made of felt/wool wandering if it is possible to waterproof them so they don’t soak up water and loose shape when they get wet?

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Re: Waterproofing a Tricorn hat?

Post by Hraefn »

Tar or thinned bitumen paint, but it stinks and takes ages to cure. Talk to Kittyhats they've done some tarred titfers albeit later ones.
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Re: Waterproofing a Tricorn hat?

Post by STEENIE »

Unauthentic it may be, mind you, I don't know what it is made of so maybe not, but 'blind stiffener' not only makes it water proof but also er, stiffens :)
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Re: Waterproofing a Tricorn hat?

Post by John Waller »

Shellac flakes disolved in meths. About 15-20% solution applied in a couple of light coats. S'wat I use to to stiffen and proof felt napoleonic shakos. Or blind stiffener like the man says. Watered down PVA glue is supposed to be OK but I have yet to try it.
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Re: Waterproofing a Tricorn hat?

Post by Bucket »

I have to ask why would you want to waterproof it. I have one that is so heavily felted that it does not let water in. It has been out in some very heavy storms and my head has stayed dry. If you buy well you will not need to waterproof.
I may be wrong but from my experience waterproofing is not needed.

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Post by frances »

I use spray waterproofer from camping shops.

And I use PVA to varnish cardboard boxes. Has anyone used it for putting on wool? I would have thought that it would stain. Hmm, now I am going to have to experiment. Something else to put on the 'to-do' list.

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Re: Waterproofing a Tricorn hat?

Post by steven pole »

Would the remaining lanolin in the wool have a waterproofing effect, or would this have been washed out when the hat is made?

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Re: Waterproofing a Tricorn hat?

Post by Grymm »

Washed out before way the felt is made.
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