shawls for children

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shawls for children

Post by duster »

Could anyone please help me with my daughters costume. i copied the pattern for her dress from the Tailors Assistant but i cannot find any references to a child wearing a shawl. The time period i am looking at is 1350 onwards. Summertime will be ok for her, but what would she do in the winter? thanks :?
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Re: shawls for children

Post by Shadowcat »

As far as I am aware, shaped shawls, which is what I suspect you are thinking of, did not exist that early. For cold weather, anther "dress" or kirtle, or other garment would be worn. Several layers were worn for warmth. I suppose it would be possible to wrap a piece of cloth around the shoulders, but it would not have been shaped or knitted.


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Re: shawls for children

Post by sally »

agreed, I know of no references to a shaped shawl. A plain rectangular or square cloak/blanket can easily be work like a shawl on cold days though. As has been said, layer up, put a second kirtle on her or two shifts underneath. Good cloth hose (not knitted for this date) will also keep her warm, and of course a decent hat and a hood

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Re: shawls for children

Post by Alice the Huswyf »

A hood with a deep shoulder plate (shoulder cape part) makes a far bigger difference that you would think. The kids can control their need for heat by putting the hood on or off. Woolen hukes (long tabard type garment) or simple cyclas (early forerunner of the sideless gown) are very good for cold weather layering too as they won't overheat on the arms and want to take the whole thing off when they need to keep it on. Hoodless cloak for very cold weather, but the cyclas does the same job without impairing mobility.
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