Medieval Dress and Costume Society Early Knitting Meeting

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Medieval Dress and Costume Society Early Knitting Meeting

Post by Braidwoman »

Medats, Courtauld Institute, Saturday, 11th March, 2006.

9.45 Introduction

10.00 'Curious Works' - Demonstrations and Explanation of sprang, nalbunding and alternative non-woven techniques by Dagmar Pickles and Catherine Stallybrass.

10.30 Lesley O'Connor Edwards - Evidence for Elizabethan Knitting -

11.00 Coffee.

11.30 Karen Finch - Stockings.

12.00 Jennifer Scarse - Mamluk Stockings

12.45 Discussion.

1.00 Lunch.

2.30 Ruth Gilbert - Pictures as Evidence.

3.15 Me - Memories of the EKHG meetings.

3.30 Tea.

4.00 Julie Botticelli - Conservation of two Tudor hats in the Cumin Museum.
4.30 Montse Stanley's collection - Linda

5.00 Discussion.


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Post by Spinit »

Can anyone attend and where is it please.

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Post by Tuppence »

can't answer the first bit, but as to where it is

Courtauld Institute

London :lol:
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Post by sally »

I would imagine its booked through Medats, there isnt anthing on their website about it yet but email them and check the price. I'm hoping to go

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Post by Shadowcat »

Medats usually costs £10.00 per year for membership, and you can join "on the door".

I think "anyone" can go, but there is a web site, and contact e-mail addresses, so it might be worth just checking if you are bothered. They do have some really interesting "days" there.

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Post by Braidwoman »

I went to one of their meetings last year, and I'm not a member. I think I just paid on the door. I'll email Kirstie Buckland (who has organised it), and ask her.

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Post by Annie the Pedlar »

I have in black and white before me, from MEDATS

MEDATS members - booking in advance £10 - at the door £12
Non members - booking in advance £12 - at the door £15
Non members joining at the door - £10 + membership fee
Students (proof required) - at the door £5

NB Lunch is not provided

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Post by frances »

Thanks for the reminder Braidwoman. It is now in my new diary.

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