1780's Thrummed Cap & other costume - Last Chance to See!

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1780's Thrummed Cap & other costume - Last Chance to See!

Postby ViscontesseD'Asbeau » Fri Sep 10, 2010 1:11 am

Some knitted artefacts from the wreck of The General Carleton are currently still on display at the Capt. Cook Memorial Museum in Whitby.


They are on loan from the Polish Maritime Museum in Gdansk and are going home to Poland at the end of October. The vessel was out of Whitby and all the voyage crew records for the ship are extant, so we even know the names of the mariners onboard when she was lost. Although it's not entirely clear how many of them died.

The vessel sank in 1785 and was excavated in 1995. Due to some freakily unusual conditions - the ship's cargo of pine tar forming a protective matrix with the cold Baltic sea - items of clothing were preserved in amazingly good condition. Items include a sailor's serge jacket, some waistocats, stockings, hats, shoes, gloves, mittens and a lovely thrumed knitted cap knit in Shetland style. The mittens on display look Latvian but most of the rest of the knitted items are probably Yorkshire-made.

(Some pics including hat and sailor's jacket here on the writer, Stephen Baines' site):


Stephen's book 'The Yorkshire Mary Rose' has more info.

Thought I better mention it so anyone who wants to see some rare 1780s costume can get across to Whitby before the end of next month. I don't have a firm date for The General Carlton stuff going back to Gdansk - just been told "some time the end of October".

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