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Tudor gown

Postby Isolde » Wed Jul 01, 2009 8:15 pm

Hi does anyone know a good shop online that sells tudor gowns?
Ive been looking but stuggling to find one, particually a site in the uk.

Thank you

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Postby sally » Wed Jul 01, 2009 8:32 pm

you almost certainly want one made to measure, its not a style that is always terribly successful off the peg. What dateline and status do you require?

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lucy the tudor
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Postby lucy the tudor » Thu Jul 02, 2009 10:36 am

You also need to know what status you want to be in your group, and what standards of authenticity they work to as to whether you would be all hand stitched and proper wool or silks etc or whether some machine stitching and modern fabrics in parts to keep costs down would be acceptable.
Some groups may wish you to start as lower status and work towards gentry, being as how it is often cheaper and easier to make poorer people's kit.
Off the peg stuff can be imported from the states quite easily, but you will definitely regret it if you don't get exactly what you want.
Making kit is half the fun of it for me, in fact it took over my life so much it is now my work too. You might be surprised how quickly you get good at hand stitching and drafting patterns etc, and it can be a good way to get to know members of your group to visit and have sewing sessions with other members.
Good luck lass.


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Re: Tudor gown

Postby myladyswardrobe » Thu Jul 02, 2009 2:43 pm

Isolde wrote:Hi does anyone know a good shop online that sells tudor gowns?
Ive been looking but stuggling to find one, particually a site in the uk.

Thank you


Just to add to the other two comments, you really do need to think about why you want a Tudor period gown; will you be noble, gentry, middling or lower/working class? Which part of the Tudor period do you want to copy in terms of fashion - "tudor" is arguably the entire 16th century or it could just apply from 1485 through to 1547. The fashions change a lot within that time frame and are very different depending on the social status of the wearer.

How authentic do you want the gown to be and how much are you are prepared to spend. Are you a member of a re-enactment group and/or will be wearing it as part of a re-enactment?

If you are to wear this as part of a re-enactment/group, then you need to find out what the standards are. For example, at Kentwell we expect the gowns - be they gentry or lower class to be as accurate visually as possible. We allow machined sewing and modern boning as long as neither are seen. We don't allow any kind of fabrics other than natural fibres - mostly wool and linen , but also some silks depending on status.

Other groups may expect the gown to be entirely hand sewn as well as natural fabrics.

To have as authentic a period gown as possible, whether lower or upper class, will NOT be cheap. You cannot get it "off the shelf" - it has to be made to measure and takes at least 6 - 10 weeks - in many cases, a few months. Authentic/period type fabric can be difficult to source and to purchase and then you have the skill level of the maker to think about.

This is why I always make all my own gowns and don't tend to commission them. But then, like Lucy the Tudor, half the fun is the making of the gown for me.

Hope that all helps. I shall go off and continue with my own gown!! ;-)

All the best

All the best


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