BBC's 'The Virgin Queen' this Sunday

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BBC's 'The Virgin Queen' this Sunday

Post by Dianne »

this is a lovely website with costume detailing ......... series looks good and The Medieval Baebes are doing the soundtrack!!!
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Post by Spinit »

Please read the 'costume' notes about designs etc.Whilst I am no expert and I dont want to rain on anyones parade I dont think the costume will be historically accurate.pretty maybe.

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purple peril
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Post by purple peril »

Yeah, this seems to sum it up. Pity.

*The job of creating designs for a TV drama such as this begins with research. Amy and her assistant got to work reading books, visiting museums and immersing themselves in the styles of the Elizabethan era. However, once they had got to grips with the feel of the times, they cast all that research aside. They have to bear in mind that they are re-creating a world for modern eyes, and they will let their dramatic instincts guide them more than a slavish search for historical accuracy. They also created mood boards, collecting pictures from modern fashion magazines that had the attitude that they were looking to create*.

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Post by Lady Jane »

Gee, I hope we get to see this in Australia. Sometimes our ABC will pick up BBC programmes. I've read the books this was based on so here's hoping. On the matter of "authentic costumes" on screen, the BBC has a good reputation for costume, even if it is "artistic licence" used for the sake of drama points. I'd love to watch it anyway, just to get a glimpse of what a reasonable budget can acheive. :)

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