Adding Arming Points to a Doublet

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Adding Arming Points to a Doublet

Post by Breezy2000uk »

Hello everyone,

My costuming knowledge is somewhat limited, but I was hoping someone would be able to advise me on the best way of finishing my new doublet!

I just bought one made of wool with a linen lining. There are holes up the front to lace it closed, (but I don't know how best to do that yet), holes to tie the hose, but there are no holes for arming points, or laces attached as yet.

Could anyone advise me 1. How I should lace up the front, and 2. The most effective/appropriate way to add some kind of points to attach armour?

I don't know if I should make holes in the doublet, sew some laces to it, or even sew on a leather patch of some kind?!?! I don't really have any historical sources, being only a newbie I've been trying to get going on the friendly advice of experienced re-enactors :-)


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Post by guthrie »

Your description makes me curious- is it actually meant to be an arming doublet?
Otherwise, what I have seen done is either you sew the central portion of the arming point to the doublet in the appropriate position, or you make eyeholes to push the points through.
Lacing up the front can be done by individual points through pairs of holes, or one long lace or thong.

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Post by Nigel »

Deffinately sounds as tho its not meant to be an arming doublet so any attempt to make it such will simply destroy it
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Post by Marcus Woodhouse »

I'm in agreence with Nigel. This sounds like a normal doublet, the sort you use to point your hose onto and look smart and well dressed in. Arming doublets are made of much more sturdy materials to provide a base for harness to be pointed to and act as a cushion between your body and the armour. You can wear an arming doublet as an ordinary doublet (it was such a statement of manliness that there are various italian doublets that mimic them) but you should not attempt to turn a ordinary doublet into an arming doublet.

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Post by Tuppence »

Sorry to disappoint, but a woollen doublet will never stand up to the wear it will get if used as an arming doublet. Wool as a fibre is simply too soft (even if a relatively coarse wool).

Also, if it's cut as a normal doublet, it'll be unlikely to be tight enough to work as an arming doublet - mening that the armour will move about and not stay put. Offhand I'd guess the worst problems will be with the sleeves in that respect.
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