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Interesting Deposition

Postby Dathi » Wed Sep 10, 2008 9:39 pm

Found this deposition in the HMC report on the Manuscripts of the Marquis of Salisbury Part XI, 1906. This relates to the abortive attempt by the 2nd Earl of Essex to start an uprising against Elizabeth I

1600-1, Feb. 8.—Christopher Gamble examined saith that he dwelleth in the Old Change over against Carter Lane end, and he is by trade a tailor. And saith that a tall gentleman, whose name he knoweth not, nor to his knowledge had seen him before, came about three weeks since unto his shop, and demanded whether he could make him a waistcoat without sleeves that should bear out a thrust. And this examinate told him he could, and thereupon made him a pattern of 4 canvases " ailett hol'd" ; which he gave order unto this examinate to make and to cover it with taffeta. And this present the same gentleman came again about eight of the clock in the morning to fetch it away, and had it albeit it was not finished, for he said that he was to go forthwith into the country and could not stay any longer for it ; this examinate receiving 6l. of him. Where he lodgeth or abideth, this examinate knoweth not, nor to whom he belongeth or what he professeth.—Taken before Sir Richard Martin Knight

I'm thinking that this is a waistcoat of 4 layers of linen canvas, covered in silk tafffeta that has been pieced through with a considerable number of small eyelets....

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Postby ViscontesseD'Asbeau » Thu Sep 11, 2008 11:19 am

Sounds like it. Six quid though? That would be half a year's wages for a lot of people, wouldn't it?

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