14th century dress showing heraldic devices

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14th century dress showing heraldic devices

Postby Melons de Cantilupe » Thu Aug 04, 2005 6:00 pm

Here's my question. My (well, the original Nicholas de Cantilupe, anyway) colours are pretty complex, and take an age to create in fabric. I've so far done a jupon, and a banner, both double sided, and 2 shields. painting 18 leopard heads on fleur-de-lis isn't a fun job :roll:

So, Atilla ( :twisted: ) has adopted Sir Nicholas, and wants to wear his device on her scarlet kirtle.

Attached is the picture of the full achievement in Sir Nicholas' parish church. As you can see, the jessant-de-lis on the shield are reversed (and everyone asks me why, and I answer that I don't know for sure!), but the crest is upright (and also red, not gold).
Now, there seems to be a tradition that crests are used on clothing (at least, a modern tradition). But which would apply to a 14th century dress?
gold and inverted, or red and upright?
Logic tells me the inverted gold, as that's what everyone notices about Cantilupe's colours, but do heraldic rules dictate anything?

Then again.. this is Atilla. Whatever she says, goes...
Stained Glass from Greasley St Mary's church.

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