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Dear Lidimy,

Here is some more contradictory advice - don't put wool in the washing machine on a wash hotter than 30 or 40 degrees. But put pure 100% linen on an 80 degree or more cycle. Hot water causes wool to 'full', that is to bind the fibres together and make it felt. That together with the agitation will more than likely make it shrink so much it will be unusable. Put it on the shortest wash cycle you have (if you use the machine) with the lowest spin you have, as spinning equals rubbing the wool which equals fulling again.

Take fabric out immediately the wash cycle stops and open it out and fold it flat to stop the fabric creasing wildely. Dry a little in a warm room as quickly as possible on an open airer (not the tumbe-drier); leave it too long and it will tend to full again.

Iron wool with a very cool iron and linen with a much hotter iron, both on the wrong side when it is still damp. For wool, put a smooth, damp cloth on the fabric and iron the cloth, not the fabric, inspecting underneath as you iron so that you do not iron in creases, iron at too hot a temperature (this will leave the iron sole print in the fabric), or too cool a temperature (when nothing much will happen). With both wool and linen you will get clouds of steam - very good for the pores on the face!!

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