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I heard you referring to me!!!! :wink:
(though it could be argued that the real reason for this was because I knew that Bess, upon seeing it, would look at me with slight bewilderment and say 'Lidi, that's machined isn't it?' and I would never bear the shame.)
Now, you know very well I would not have done that!!!

Machining major seams like waist to hem seams or even the hem of a skirt when baglining it - thats fine. I just like (and find it so much easier) to hand sew skirts to bodices; eyelets; turnings in of necklines, armscyes, waists etc and also sewing sleeves into place.

And embroidery should ALWAYS, ALWAYS be done by hand!! (in my humble opinion!)

Janes_wardrobe said:
Ah but when you've been told your garment is machine sewn - cause it couldn't possibly be that good by hand and then you've shown them the hand stitching...

Though mostly machine stitching is pretty obvious or maybe a lot of peoples hand sewing isn't up to period standard
I had something similar happen to me, but from the opposite angle. I have a partlet with a blackworked collar (Lidi - did I show you that???). The blackwork is all hand done and the collar was hand sewn to the partlet. But, the partlet shoulder seam and the hem and armscye are all machined.

Two little old ladies (who were probably of the age when they would have been TAUGHT to hand sew beautifully) picked up my partlet and examined it thoroughly. The only comment I made as referring to the blackwork. They looked at it and the hems and then pronounced the work beautiful. One lady said to her friend "you can see this has all been hand sewn - look at that lovely backstitched hem!". Her friend looked carefully and agreed wholeheartedly.

I felt such a fraud, but had to simply nod and smile!

Now, I have a drawn threadwork partlet that is ENTIRELY hand sewn!! And aren't I pleased with it?????

Lucky you Lidi on the jumps pattern. However, I would say you could have a full corset if you wanted a set. I really want to make myself an 18th century ensemble. Just don't have anywhere to wear it.

Ah well, this weekend will hopefully see me embarking on my 1912 and 1845 creations!!!

TTFN! I'm now off bedwards! Night night all!
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Made the toile today, fits beautifully (of course!) and chose my top fabric - scrummy pink silk :D

It was so much fun! I leartn so much too, including how to do straight lines on a sewing machine. Got to start somewhere... has been years since I've gone near one of those things!

Lidi :D
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