Janet Arnold's unfinished works

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Janet Arnold's unfinished works

Post by Dathi »

I understand that Jenny Tiramani is finishing off Janet Arnold's unfinished work on Linens. Has anyone heard anymore about this?

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Post by Mad Mab »

Oooh, yes I heard this was happening. (Can't for the life of me recall where I heard it of course :roll:)
If anyone has any idea of dates, that would be fantastic! :D
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Post by Shadowcat »

I was speaking to Jenny and to Santina Levey a couple of months ago. It is hoped that the book "Patterns of Fashion: the Cut and Construction of Linen Clothes for Men and Women" will be with the publishers by the end of 2007. It is hoped that the remaining volume and remaining patterns can be completed by November 2008, 10 years after Janet's death.

Santina Levey has been the principal literary executor of Janet's estate, and has recently been joined by Jenny Tiramani, as I understand that Tina has not been well.

I believe the books will be published by Maney's (www.maney.co.uk) as before. There is a pattern, and Janet's notes on the so-called "Effigy Corset" in the current edition of "Costume" www.costumesociety.org.uk


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Post by border reiver »

just got my copy from amazon this morning had first look through, looks fab will enjoy reading over the next few weeks


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Post by frances »

OOooo I was just about to publicise Janet Arnold 4 .... dah dah........

'Patterns of Fashion 4, The cut and construction of linen shirts, smocks, neckwear, headwear and accessories for men and women, c1540 - 1660, Macmillan, 2008, ISBN 978-0-333-57082-1

Lots of yummy pics and a few of the close-ups show things I wish I had known about 20 years ago, darn it. Now I will have to start re-making some of my own items.

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