Krakow, Poland: special Auschwitz-Wieliczka tours, Oct.-Dec.

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Krakow, Poland: special Auschwitz-Wieliczka tours, Oct.-Dec.

Postby Yvonne22 » Mon Oct 03, 2016 8:35 am

Dear forum users!
DiscoverCracow tour operator you to visit the royal city of Krakow in order to take part in one-day tours to Auschwitz concentration camp and historical Wieliczka Salt Mine. Each tour is going to last 7 hours and will have a special super-saver's offer related to it.

If you are interested in exploring Krakow, one of the most historically important cities of Europe, join the tours arranged and guided by the leading tour operator of Krakow. Sightsee the attractions located in the area of the Main Market Square, visit massive Wawel royal castle, discover the fun behind communist Nowa Huta tour and let us take you to Auschwitz - the largest nazi concentration and extermination facility, currently in Poland - and Wieliczka Salt Mine on the same day!

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