Venus and Mars - The World of the Medieval Housebook

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Venus and Mars - The World of the Medieval Housebook

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Christoph Graf zu Waldburg Wolfegg

Published by Prestel

ISBN 3-7913-1991-4

First published in 1998

This book concentrates mainly on the astrological houses which are parts of the 1470/80 'house book', although not the only areas covered nor to many of us the most important. Many of the images are well known to us, many more are not.

Excellent descriptions and interpretations of the subject matter are presented with equally good colour pictures of the subject at hand.

From a general perspective the book is a very rich resource indeed and will literally have something for everyone, whether you are into military, odd German clothing, social scenes, well rendered images of artefacts and tools or excellent diagrams, yes diagrams of great wheels, siege devices and guns.

Although not a complete facsimile it is a must have IMHO. Tantalisingly it does not expand on the textual parts of the book, such as the remedies for constipation or dyeing recipes, that would be of even more interest as it is documentary rather than just visual.

Little snippets to look out for:

Crossbow practice, men seated on stools, man pointing with a stick (from behind a wooden barrier) to recent shot.

Man with glasses, not looped over ears and not held, but resting on bridge of nose.

Performers demonstrating acrobatics and weapon play.

A horse race where the jockeys are in coloured jumpsuits

Diagrams of twin bellows for smelting/forging


Hopefully this link cut and pasted via cal's amazon link will be credited to him ... 9&v=glance

If not he needs to make it much clearer.
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good review and good start! :)

For anyone interested in this book: it is currently out of print so if you want to buy it you will have to go to a second hand book specialist. So Abe books or amazon are both excellent places online.
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If you are looking for any old book, use this service

Soph & I use them a lot for obscure books which we want.


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