The Monocled Mutineer

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The Monocled Mutineer

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William Allison and John Farley. ISBN 0-7043-3287-6, Quartet Books 179 (reprinted 1986).
I have wanted to read the book that the rather infamous BBC series of the mid eighties was based on. Needless to say the TV show was quite different from the source material. In the show Percy Toplis made the perfect sympathetic anti-hero, in real life he was a hardened criminal prepared to use violence to bach JMk up his charm and a serial adulterer. Nor did the show feature the gang rape of nurses, French women and girls, even nuns or the murder of civilians and officers, military police and mutineers who tried to stop the exceses of the worst offenders. I found this something of a shock. A very different story of the Etales Revolt then the one I watched two decades ago.

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