Chronicles: the writing of history in medieval England

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Chronicles: the writing of history in medieval England

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Chis Given-Wilson. Published by Hambledon & London, 2004 ISBN 1-85285-358-1.
A concise yet still detailed examination of how history was recorded in England during the middle ages ( focusing especially on the period between the 12th and 15th centuries which saw the flowering and finally the diminishing popularity of"chronicles").
The author, who is a leading authority on the subject, examines how medieval historians gathered, arranged and presented the past and how different their assumptions and priorities were, which of course leads on to how modern historians should approach them. Not an easy book to read by any means, I think I have a reasonable knowledge of the period but found what is quite a "niche market" in terms of study pretty heavy going. At the same time as a historian and teacher of history it was fascinating to find out more about the way history has been recorded in the past.

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