The War in Cambodia 1970-75

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The War in Cambodia 1970-75

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Text by Kenneth Conboy and Kenneth Bowra, illustrations by Mike Chappell. Isbn 0-85045-851-x, Osprey publications 1989 (reprinted in 2001).
Although Cambodia became a part of the extended Communist vs Free World conflict in 1964 for some reason this covers only the civil war from 1970-75. The played illustrations strangely though take the story onto the Vietnamese invasion of 1978 and the return of the Khmer Rouge and pro Royalist forces in the 1980's.
I had hoped that it would have more photos of the US paramilitary forces that operated in Cambodia from 1966 until the fall of the Khmer Republic in 1975.
Still it will be a useful addition to my collection.

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