An Alternative History of Britain: The Wars of the Roses

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An Alternative History of Britain: The Wars of the Roses

Postby Marcus Woodhouse » Mon Oct 06, 2014 2:46 pm

Timothy Venning, Pen & Sword 2013, ISBN 17819127-x
A problem with history is that it happened in the past.
Historians (and I speak as one trained as such) tend to see the past neatly packaged into cause and effect events that seem to roll on from each other. I have been asked by students why Hitler invaded Russia in 1941 for example because history books make it clear what a glaring error that was but of course Nazi Germany invaded the USSR because it expected to win. With hindsight it can be seen as a mistake but to a nation that had beaten everyone it had fought against for two years that would not have been the case.
This book sets the course of events as to how they may have played out differently, often how they very nearly did play out in fact, making it less X causing Y resulting in Z taking place. Richard III really thought he would win at Bosworth and that charging Henry Tudor he would end the issue, not because of some mad death wish. There was no reason why anyone would have expected Edward IV to suddenly die at the age he did so what might have happened if he had lived another ten years like his father had?
I'm not a fan of this sort of book as a rule but I enjoyed this one a lot and it has made me re-visit my impressions and possible misconceptions about the WOTR which is certainly not a bad thing.


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Re: An Alternative History of Britain: The Wars of the Roses

Postby czartank » Mon Oct 06, 2014 10:27 pm

Counter factual history can be useful if it helps identify key factors.

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