Fighting For The Faith: The Many Fronts Of Crusade And Jihad

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Fighting For The Faith: The Many Fronts Of Crusade And Jihad

Postby Marcus Woodhouse » Tue May 15, 2012 10:22 am

1000-1500ad. By David Niccole, 2007, Pen & Sword Books, ISBN 18441564-1
A well researched (and over whelming) book that I will need to re-read at some point as it gives just TOO much information about the various "nation" states and their TOE as the middle ages progressed.
What comes across loud and clear is that while terms like Christendom and the Islamic World are glibely used there was never any such a concept in reality with Crusades being directed against fellow Christians, heretical Christian sects and political/economic rivals as often as they were Islamic or Pagan states while Jihads were fought against other Islaimic countires, schismatic or heretical branches of Islam in the same way.
It was not uncommon for Christian rulers in what is now Spain and Italy to field allied units of Muslim subjects or friendly Muslim countries or for Muslim leaders to have bodyguards made up of Christians.
In fact the politics of the middle east were as confused then as they are now, proving that, sadly some things do not change for the better.


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