The Fall of English France 1449-1453

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The Fall of English France 1449-1453

Postby Marcus Woodhouse » Sun May 13, 2012 12:27 pm

David Nicolle (illustrated by Grahem Turner) Osprey Books ISBN 978-1-84908-616-5.
This only came out in Febuary of this yera so it should be easy to find without the ISBN (don't know why I bothered really).
The 8th of May saw the anniversary of the relief of Orleans by Saint Joan in 1429, an event that, coupled with the coronation of Charles VII at Rheims was something of a turning in the war between England and France. (I myself feel that it was the later breakdown of the Anglo-Burgundian alliance which was the real turn in English successes)
This new title in Osprey's campaign series studies the final years of English rule in Normandy and Gascony, events that many historians believe contributed to the Wars of the Roses in England and the immergence of France as the most powerful state in Europe. In many ways it was also pointing to the future of warfare as the Battle of Formigny in 1450 is regarded by many military historians as the last truely "medieval" battle while the Battle of Castillion in 1453 is equally held up to be the first "modern" battle (as you might gather from the way I have written that, I personally believe that to be something of a simplification).
The book itself is reasonably well written, it certainly will add to my own understanding, but it may not be news to anyone already familiar with the events or history. Normally I have only read about this part of the HYW as background to, or an aside to events taking place in England and Wales. The illustartions by Turner are not up to his usual standard in my opinion , but I didn't get the book for that reason and the other illustartions taken from source material more than make up for this.


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