God Within: the Mystical Tradition of Northern Eurpoe.

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God Within: the Mystical Tradition of Northern Eurpoe.

Postby Marcus Woodhouse » Mon Apr 09, 2012 9:31 am

Oliver Davies Darton/Longman & Todd, ISBN 0-232-52626-5 (revised edition) 2008.
I admit that this will not appeal to many re-enactors and that it is a wordy, deep and complex book that I found a challenge, but it was worth the read.
It is a study of the history, personalities, practices and written work of the so called "northern tradition" of Christian spirituality that florished from the 14th century up until the Reformation. Indeed many of the principal movers and shakers of the Protestant reformation such as Zwigli and Luther were "raised" up within this tradition.
As such it disproves the notion that the Catholic faith was stagnating or monlithic during the latter middle ages. Some of the authors here, while orthodox Catholics would find their work proscribed after the Council of Trent for instance but were accepted during their own lifetimes. It descibes how orthodx Catholic Christians increasingly looked towards their own spiritual needs and how fine the line was between what was acceptable and what was deemed heretical.


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