The Women of the Cousin's War

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The Women of the Cousin's War

Postby Marcus Woodhouse » Sat Feb 18, 2012 12:54 pm

(The Duchess, The Queen and the King's Mother) Phillippa Gregory, David Baldwin and Micheal Jones Simon & Schuster 2011.
Short biographies of Jacquetta of Luxemberg, Dowager Duchess of Bedford, Elizabeth Woodville, Queen Consort and Margaret Beaufort, Lady Richmond and Derby.
Rather perversely the best and worst part of this was written by Dr Gregory. I found her introduction, which was really an essay, into the imporatnce of history, its syudy as an artform and various connections with histortical fiction and the study of women (and other historical minorities which in effect means any one not male and wealthy) to be the highlight of the book, while her research into the life of Jaquetta (who really does deserve a full biography) was to be frank, pretty naff. The Sections on Elizabeth and Margarte have both been better covered by the relevent authors in Elizabeth:the Mother of the Princes in the Tower (D. Baldwin) and The King's Mother by M. Jones (I actually think that E. Norton's Mother of the Tudor Dynasty is even better but that is a personnal opinion.)
However if you have not read those books, or have not the inclination then this is a good primer, and it is nice to see all three of these powerful women covered in the one title.


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