Gregorian Chant:music for spiritual contemplation

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Gregorian Chant:music for spiritual contemplation

Postby Marcus Woodhouse » Mon Dec 12, 2011 10:06 pm

Classic FM, 2008 the Choral Scholars of the Hofburgkappelle, Viena directed by Pater Hubert Doft S.J. Rather strange listening to Jesuits singing Gregorian canto as I have always associated it with closed monastic orders rather than outward seeking orders of religious but scholarship is very important in the S.J. so they do a bloody good job on this CD.
All the tracks featured are from the 14th-15th centuries and progress through the liturgical year rather than on the Mass Ordinary.
As the first 19 tracks are from the season of advent and Christmas I considered the purchase of this an early Xmas pressie to myself.


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