Great Commanders of the Medieval World

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Great Commanders of the Medieval World

Postby Marcus Woodhouse » Fri Nov 11, 2011 12:17 pm

454-1582 Edited by Andrew Roberts, Quercus Books 2008. ISBN 978-0-85738-589-5.
As with any book like this part of the enjoyment is in disagreeing with who is/is not included. The date line might also put some off as some of the individuals involved were active into the 17th century when most would say that the middle ages were long over.
With a 21st century head on I also found it hard to appreciate some of those featured as they are guilty of what would be described now as war crimes, but that is my own failure perhaps to get inside the medieval mindframe.
While none of those covered are dealt with in much detail there is enough on each for me to get an insight into what made them "great" war leaders, and while the editor has included a list of titles for further reading it is not extensive or, in some cases up to date. However the people whose activities and lives make them relevent to me either for re-encatment or professional interest are already familiar to me so the book does a reasonable job filling me in on the lives and careers of others who don't but are still worthy of notice, so in that regard it was worth picking up, though I am glad that I found it cheap and did not pay full price for it.


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