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A Minstrel's Musike

Posted: Thu Oct 06, 2011 8:04 am
by Marcus Woodhouse
Medieval Songs and Dances. Gift of Music 2003.
What moved me to buy this was the front cover of "A Gentleman dancing with two ladies" as it is an Italian 15th century image rather than a Franco-Flemish one. Very shallow of me.
The music istself is pleasently enjoyable and varied in tone and origin. It isn't the best period compelalations I own, but nor is it the worst (I get rid of those) I have heard.
I lot of events I stage are for schools and people who just want "Ye Medieval Hog Roast Banquet" experience and this will be one of the CD's I take along for use in "Ye Minstreal In Ye Boxe" hidden under a table cloth somewhere.
Personally I prefer the Salterello to be played faster.